“Approximately 14 years ago my whole world collapsed. Several major personal life changing events took place: My business failed, leaving me bankrupt and forcing me into foreclosure of the home my daughter and I designed and had built. That same precious daughter, who suffered from severe depression and had attempted suicide more than once, finally succeeded. Her two sons, although young men in their late teens, were zapped back into childhood by their grief and even now still feel that they were abandoned. All I could do was try to hold their lives together and comfort myself by eating. Then, 0n 9/11/01 everyone’s world changed. It was around that time that My Doctor broke the news that I was a diabetic, full blown, not just slightly. A1-C about 10, blood sugar over 300. THAT got my attention! And saved my life. The loving care of my Doctor helped my immensely. She understood all I had been through. She also knew that I had tried every diet known to man, in an effort to lose weight. I am 5 feet tall and weighed 265 pounds. She treated me as an intelligent adult. I already knew what diabetes does, the slow and cruel ways it kills you a piece at a time. First one foot, then the other until both legs are gone, sometimes even the hip bone. You end up a breathing corpse in a wheel chair without even having hands and arms to move the wheelchair. I even considered using my daughters escape method, but I didn’t want to take away my Grandsons’ only stable part of their lives. But I was determined not to die from that insidious disease. So I tried the only diet I had not tried before: The Atkins Diet”. I never actually followed the Atkins method, but it caused to educate myself about Sugar (pure Carbohydrates) and starches which convert to sugars (carbohydrates). I eliminated sugar from my life that very day. I also defied the food pyramid doctrine by taking grains from the top to the bottom. I realize that a farmer feeds his animals grains to fatten them up before they are butchered. I defied that miserable butcher, diabetes. I threw away anything white: flour, rice etc. And honey, whether natural or not, is still sugar. Fast forward: Saving my own life became more powerful than my grief. I lost 35 pounds the first month. In the meantime I moved away and had to find a different doctor, who, of course, preached the same tired solutions, but I, of course ignored them and kept on shunning sugar and grains. In the first year I lost 100 pounds. I am no longer considered a diabetic at all. My total weight loss at this point, and holding steady, is about 130 pounds. I went from a size 26 dress to a size 12. No medications – I just don’t eat sugar or white grains. I use only nut flours to bake with, and use only natural fats. No artery clogging Crisco or phony fats from hydrogenated vegetable oils. I use almond flour or almond meal coconut flour for my cookies, muffins etc. I make a really good New York Style Cheesecake, or other flavored cheesecakes, using crushed almonds instead of graham crackers for the crust. I make banana nut or applesauce almond flour muffins, chocolate coconut cookies, peanut butter almond cookies and many, many varieties of goodies. I eat Bacon, Ham, beef, pork & shrimp (pork & shrimp limited due to the high Purine content)- any kind of fat and protein I choose. I just don’t eat carbs.” July 2014 – E.H. Atlanta, GA

“I reached my top weight this year as I have at least three other times in my life which is about 25lbs. above my ideal weight. In the past I have done Quick Weight Loss Center or Diet Center and a very disciplined exercise regime and gotten the weight off for three or four years each time. Problem is that approach always takes me about four months. This time I tried the HCG plan as monitored by Dr. Smith and her nutrition counselor Ginie Hogan, with no exercise. I had amazing results and lost 20 lbs in 30 days. The next 5 came off slowly over the next 30 days as I stabilized. I would highly recommend this approach when you just have to get it done! No surprises, very good counseling and no cravings! I will never diet another way again and I learned a lot about what triggers abnormal fat accumulation in my body. I now know what trigger foods to avoid for my body and doubt I will get myself to my top weight again but if I do I know what the solution is!” -C.R. Atlanta, GA. (Brookhaven)

“I was skeptical about starting the HCG program last January (2012), but I was at the point I had to do something to stop my out of control weight gain. I had high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and the potential for diabetes if I didn’t get my weight under control. The weight loss started immediately and I actually lost 35 pounds over the course of 2 rounds. I have been able to stop taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication, my blood work i normal, I have more energy, and my back and joint pains have improved dramatically. It was a comfort to have Ginie’s support and encouragement available at any time to keep me on track. If you need to lose the weight and want to keep it off, the HCG program is a great way to do it. C.H., Roswell, GA

“What a great way to start off 2013… already down 33 pounds since late September! While I have about 25 more to go, I don’t have that overwhelming feeling that most have on January 1st about having to lose weight. HCG works – I lost 20 pounds the first cycle. The program is easy to follow, and you get plenty of support from Ginie and team. Best of all, the clean eating has made me feel great. Never during the program did I feel bad. I slept well, and for the most part, I was not lethargic at all. Looking forward to losing the rest in 2013!” S.G., Roswell, GA

Thank you for enlightening me on the subject of CRP. I’m going to check my lab results today! I really love your page. I learn more from you than any physician I’ve been a patient. Thank you so much!! P.P.S.