For many people food allergies are something they learn to deal with every day. Some reactions are instant and easily detectable where others can last long and be hard to detect. Sometimes the symptoms can happen 48-72 hours after ingestion of said foods, so determining the exact culprit can be difficult. AiiMed creates panels of tests in order to specifically target the source of the allergy. Some food allergy reactions can be mild and misleading to its culprit.

Symptoms can sometimes be just a headache, weight gain or mild irritation but still they can being caused due to a food allergy. In more severe cases, these allergies can affect how the stomach absorbs the food and the permeability of the stomach wall. The majority of common reactions to certain food are rarely life threatening, but simply life changing. These allergic reactions can induce as remarkable amount discomfort in many unchecked chronic conditions and diseases. The most common food allergies are with cow’s milk, eggs, beans, nuts and cereals. It is common for people to live with minor adverse food reactions for years without ever suspecting certain foods may be involved in their ailments. This is why AiiMed can create a series of comprehensive tests to isolate the allergic component of whatever is reacting adversely to the body. Once the blood is drawn it is tested against 100 plus different foods and food types to see which food creates that same reaction in the blood sample. AiiMed then takes the results and finds an integrated holistic way to approach dealing with and avoiding these foods on a daily basis. If one chooses to continue to eat foods that are allergens, your gut wall become inflamed, allowing more foods and not allergens to pass through the gut wall. Those become new allergens, completely ruining your immune system, leading to chronic disease and early aging. Aiimed recommends testing for this at the first signs of these symptoms.

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